Touching base with my creativity June 23, 2015 08:11

I have been thinking.  I really want to tell a little more of the story of my art photography.  Hopefully some people may be interested but this is mainly to help me on my creative journey.  I have much to learn and sharing my images, experiences and thoughts on a blog may help. 

I am a bit inexperienced with blogging and an average writer so typos and spelling mistake will undoubtedly creep in.  I do have a Facebook profile but not everyone does Facebook and I want to write more than the average FB post.  Also this is more about my art than other parts of my business.

I really want to hear from people about what they would like to see, their thoughts about my work, the creative process and photography.  I love talking with people about this stuff at my exhibitions and market days.  So often these people say they know nothing of art but they have some really cool insights and definitely know what they like.  I hope, in some way, that I am helping to start them on a pathway of appreciating  and enjoying all sorts of visual art.  I would especially like to hear from these sorts of people.

Anyway, let's get started.........