Leaf Peeping April 15, 2021 08:08

This is my version of Leaf peeping.  We are in that time of year where people get excited about viewing and photographing autumn foliage so I thought I would share a little detail from Spherical Landscapes I (Warm).

I have been on a mission to present the very recognisable Central Otago Landscape in different ways.  In this work I have created a series of spheres wrapping the landscape around a 360 degree axis.  In this case willows in the last throes of autumn splendour.  The result was  a unique set of marble like, tiny planets that look out from the frame. 

In the complete version of Spherical Landscapes I (Warm) I enjoyed using a tightly controlled colour palette to coordinate with the sister print “Spherical Landscapes 2 (Cool).

My hope is that these alien “eyes” constructed from our of the Central Otago landscape encourage the viewer spend more time looking considering this land in a different way

I was very fortunate to receive an NZIPP Gold Distinction Award and an Australian APPA Gold Award for the complete series.  This image was also part of my portfolio for the 2019 NZIPP Landscape Photographer of the Year and the 2019 APPA Overseas Photographer of the Year.

Waxeyes, Kowhai and Crown Lynn March 24, 2021 09:08

Waxeyes, Kowhai and Crown Lynn is a composite triptych image that encompasses three elements held dear to many New Zealanders.  I dedicate this image to my Nana. Nana had a love for birds and the beautiful soft duck egg blue colour in the background of this image.

Waxeyes are small cheeky birds and abundant over the winter.  It didn’t take much to encourage the birds to perch on my retro Crown Lynn cups.  Just a little beef fat and sugary water.  Once I was tucked around the corner out of sight they noisily got down to the business of eating.  I was then able to get a large number of candid shots to choose from and use in this composite image.

The finishing touches to this piece were the overlay of the Kowhai from my Mum’s garden and the beautiful border which was borrowed from Nana’s wedding photo.

This image won a gold award in the prestigious National Iris Photography awards run by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography and a silver distinction award at the Australian APPA Awards.

    To buy the framed Waxeyes, Kowhai and Crown Lynn print click here or visit this link for the unframed version.

    From German Creek March 6, 2021 10:12

    German Creek is an area where I have taken many photographs.  The  landscape is not spectacularly mountainous but there are many types of land formations and the quality of the light is pretty special.

    My image takes a view of the hills “From German Creek” in the early morning.  I had the pleasure of sitting in the tussocks waiting for the light to fall perfectly on the my chosen landscape.  A longer double exposure and camera movement while the shutter was open were used to create the interesting “water colour painting” effects.  

    The contrasting gray and gold tones were picked out of the original image and post production was used to slightly more define the edges of the landscape.

    "From German Creek" is an image that I particularly enjoy.  The finishing touches all add to the image -  the printing on a beautiful cotton rag paper, an off white mat board that leaves space for the border around the photo and a burnished brown timber frame.

    I AM ALIVE - A personal journey February 24, 2021 19:45


    2020 was a fairly challenging year.  Covid 19 had us in lock down and I had a really unexpected health challenge.  It was a bit of a biggie and is now resolved thanks to an intense programme of chemotherapy.  

    In the very early stages of recovery, I wanted to acknowledge that I was miraculously alive!  I now also understand that every person's journey with the cancer is absolutely unique.  I  wanted to create a piece about my journey shown in selected type face and signage from around the historic town of Naseby in an 11 x 11 grid.  

    This piece celebrates a second chance given to me to exercise my creativity and hopefully leave a legacy through my work.

    "I AM ALIVE" is limited to 20 archival prints and is framed in a white frame measuring 780mm x 780mm.



    Off the Beaten Track February 17, 2021 11:44

    Off Road, Maniototo


    I am no mountain climber but I definitely enjoy getting off the main roads.  Maniototo has plenty to choose from too with one of the largest networks of unsealed roads in the country.  I like being able to slow the pace down and have a really good look around.  Leaving the air conditioned comfort of my vehicle is a must too.  Getting on my feet (or hands and knees) to explore different angles, foregrounds and backgrounds is important.

    I spent around an hour photographing this particular section of the Hawkdun Range near Falls Dan.  The light was less than perfect but it was pretty cool watching the shadows of the clouds against the mountain backdrop. 

    Waipiata Dry Spell February 11, 2021 08:28

    The contrasting colours of a dry spell on the back roads around Waipiata caught my eye.  The Maniototo was just on the cusp of a serious drought but that evening it rained heavily much to the relief of local farmers.

    I used texture and movement to draw attention to the striking hues of the fields and sky.  I like to consider the image for its varied colour, texture and form rather than pre - visualising it as earth, horizon and sky.

    I was also influenced by abstract painters and "painterly" rectangular regions of complimentary colours.  I am particularly drawn to the work of Mark Rothko and very much enjoyed making my photographic interpretation of this type of work.

    Waipiata Dry Spell is one of my larger pieces (1030 mm x 830mm - framed) and limited to an edition of 10 prints with 5 now sold.  I have made the print on textured cotton rag fine art paper and printed using archival pigment inks.  The print is finished with a white frame, mat board in white and glazed with conservation clear 99% UV glass.

    Click this link to view further information about Waipiata Dry Spell.

    Welcome to The Gallery February 7, 2021 10:59

    I am really pleased with how the gallery is looking this summer.  New signage (thanks Vincent Holdings) and a couple of vigorous looking plants (pittosporum from Maniototo Paint and Hardware) for outside have completed the look...for now.  Next step will be for me to get out my old clothes and give the place a fresh coat of paint.  Inside, we are still loving the clean but slightly rustic look with the beautiful cabinets Deane built for me when we opened, fresh flowers and some nice local touches to set off my work.  


    Ready to Rock Into Summer November 3, 2020 14:55

    Over the Spring/Summer period we are open Tuesday - Saturday between 10.30am and 2.30pm.  I am often at the Gallery for longer hours but if I am not around and you would like to find out more about one my of photographs or make a purchase you are most welcome to give me a call on 021 989 424 or you can explore this website at anytime.

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    Winter Hours May 20, 2020 12:05

    I would like to say a huge thank you to all of my family, friends and loyal customers who have supported me at this challenging time. Over the Winter my Gallery is open by appointment but online shopping is all good!  If you would like to find out more about one my of photographs or make a purchase you are most welcome to give me a call on 021 989 424 or you can explore this website at anytime.

    In the mean time, I am further exploring my creativity and I hope to create new works that people will enjoy.  Keep warm and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Delivering Your Purchase
    Deliveries will all be by courier unless special arrangements are made for pick up.

    Safety and Standards Are Our Number 1 Priority.
    We will be following the Government mandated guidelines to operate safely including disinfecting surfaces, and maintaining high hygiene standards.

    Delivery Timeframes & Support
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    Middlemarch Cemetary April 27, 2020 10:16

    Taking an alternative view of a landscape can reveal unexpected and visually interesting textures, shapes and stories In this case my view is from the air above the cemetary at Middlemarch, Central Otago.

    The haunting beauty of this image speaks to the stories of humanity, individuality and the scarcity of land. There are portraits of human history and a close knit community but no living people.

    The vertical format for this image was intentionally chosen as the beautiful mosaic shapes of the cemetary plots flow down into the rich red colour (staining caused by adjacent trees) and anchored the image at the bottom of the frame.

    This image received a gold distinction award at the 2019 NZIPP Iris Professional Photography Awards, a silver award at the Australian APPA Awards and was selected as a finalist at the Central Otago Arts Gold Awards.

    • Edition of 10
    • Media: Archival photographic print on cotton rag fine art paper and printed using archival pigment inks
    • Year of Creation: 2019, Central Otago, New Zealand
    • Dimensions: 765 mm x 535mm (framed)
    • Includes certificate of authenticity
    • Custom framed in a white bevel frame
    • Archival quality mat board in off white
    • Includes conservation glass.

    Interested in a copy of "Middlemarch Cemetary for your home?  Click here for further details.

    Cavalcade January 9, 2017 08:28

    “Cavalcade” was, I suppose, my first successful art photo. Back in 2006, I was following the Goldfields Cavalcade event into their hoe down location at the Alexandra race course. Gaby, Zoe and I enjoyed watching the horses from one of the trails walking through the historic town of Clyde.

    I am not really a horsey person so I had tagged along with my cousin Kathy and her kids who completely fall into the horse mad category.

    We were just leaving Clyde when, in the middle of a small traffic jam, Kathy stopped her vehicle in the middle of road, ran back to me and excitedly pointed out the large number of horses and riders that were starting to gather on the Clyde Hill skyline above the highway. “You must get a shot of that Janyne” she said.

    I was lucky. I had packed my new Canon 5D camera and a good long telephoto lens. I ignored the protests of Gaby and Zoe (then aged 3 and 4), parked my can in the middle of the traffic jam and photographed a small slice of history.

    The riders (and a few pack horses) looked like they were ready to charge and they were definitely enjoying themselves. There was a surprising amount of noise that could be heard from the ridge including a full blooded Red Indian war cry.

    My photography efforts were at a slightly less than ideal time of day for perfect exposures. Because of this I decided try a few frames where I under exposed my back lit subjects. Back at home I made a few simple adjustments to my shot including a sepia (duo tone) conversion and a vignette. I believe this adds some drama to the story.

    I haven’t seen any other photos of this moment in time so I feel pretty privileged to have this shot in my collection.

    Shopping For Christmas Gifts? December 12, 2016 20:52

    Just a quick note to let you know that we are able to offer pre Christmas delivery on most of my framed and unframed prints up until 17 December within NZ.  We are also open every day until Christmas at the new Ranfurly Gallery.  Just get in touch if you need any help!

    New Gallery For Janyne November 23, 2016 16:36


    We have recently opened a new workshop and gallery In Ranfurly, Central Otago.

    The new workshop and gallery space is is a character shop on Ranfurly’s main street.  The main driver for relocating to a new space was to get a more “fit for purpose” workshop space to satisfy the growing demand for my framed fine art prints.  I was working in my partner’s garage but as my business grew we were having issues getting the boat and the old car out!

    The new premises will be primarily a workshop and an outlet for selling my framed fine art photography and fine art prints.  I will continue to operate my pop up gallery at selected art fairs and market days.  I have learnt a lot from market days that I can put into practice at the new gallery.  I am also continuing my career as a professional commercial and portrait photographer.  This will mean that the opening hours for the new gallery will need to be a little flexible to accomodate photographing more beautiful images, operating as a professional photographer and taking care of my family.  To help with out of hours coverage my work will still be available at The Practice, Ranfurly, where Amie Pont carries a full catalogue.

    I would really like to especially thank my partner Deane (the creator of the beautiful timber counters and screens) and the small army of people who have helped establish the new space. 

    Having a space for my work and being able to be more organised about making great quality images from Central Otago is something I have long held a vision for in my career path and business.  Now that we have established a great working environment, I am looking forward to producing new and exciting work.

    In Camera Experience July 19, 2016 23:05

    Many people who know something of my photography have probably figured that I am not shy about editing my photos.  I really enjoy the opportunity to tell other side of my story or really draw attention to an aspect of an image.  

    This image is a little different.  I really enjoyed experimenting with long shutter speeds and introducing camera movement (see my post about my blurred mountain sunrise).  This time I introduced a vehicle and a few bumps in the road into the equation.  Panic not, my very understanding man was at the wheel while  I took frame after frame of slightly ethereal looking images of the Danseys Pass at speed.  The light was perfect, casting a greenish glow over the landscape.  Some images included more of the foreground where the ute headlights lit up vegetation on the side of the road.  Some were sky, some were mountain, some were better than others.

    This one was the pick and I enjoyed showing the landscape from a different point of view.  This is me, I enjoy this stuff.  Yes I did indulge in a little post production editing but this picture would never have happened with out a beautiful landscape, a ute and a couple of bumps in the road.  

    This image was received a silver award at the 2016 NZIPP Iris Awards.  The finishing touch is a good wide mat board and a crisp white bevel edge frame and it is available to purchase.

    Awards Success.... July 14, 2016 09:35

    (the award winning portfolio)

    Recently I was a finalist in the Creative Photography category at the national Iris Awards held in Wellington.   The Epson/New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) Iris Awards attract thousands of top quality entries from around the country and overseas each year.

    To cap off a busy month one of my recent works, a composite landscape titled Devil’s Elbow, was also a Top 10 Finalist at the Christchurch Art Show Awards.  This composite landscape photo attracted the attention of competition judge David Woodings and was selected out of hundreds of artworks to be displayed in the Top 10  entries at the Art Show.

    My Iris Award winning portfolio, which included one gold and two silver awards was made up of creative interpretations of Central Otago’s landscape where she showed an alternative view of regularly photographed scenes.   I always strive to present a different view of Central Otago.  I enjoy using photographic and editing techniques to tell my story of our region and its geography.  My other prints which also prominently featured Central Otago landscapes achieved a further five silver and two bronze awards making it my most successful year yet at these awards.  

    Being a finalist at the Iris Awards and Christchurch Art Show Awards is a high point in my photographic career.  Being recognised at these awards has come at a pivotal point as I turn my attention to the fine art side of my business.  Being able to provide high quality prints and framing for my images is the icing on the cake!

    I really want to thank all of the people who have helped give me the confidence to pursue my dreams, including my partner, my kids and my parents.”


    Winter at Wedderburn June 16, 2016 10:52

    One of my newest works is a composite triptych of a snow storm at Wedderburn.  I really wanted to experiment with images that were cropped to a long vertical shape.  This image is  "quiet", just like a snow storm and each element has been carefully chosen from the local environment to add to the winter story.  I am thrilled that it received a silver award at the 2016 New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers Iris Awards.

    Click here to find out more about this image.

    Grace October 30, 2015 08:09

    "Grace" is a work of mine that is finalist in the 2015 Central Otago Arts Gold Awards and is currently hanging in the Central Stories Gallery in Alexandra.  This is a triptych of merino horns, pig jaws and goat horns.  Here is what I have to say about it.....

    "My personal manipulation of the back country hunting tradition. In these sun-bleached, long dead skulls, teeth and horns, I see new shapes - then arrange them to make more shapes and further manipulate, to create whimsical forms that I recognise but not in this context - delicate filigree, feminine floral arrangements, sensual curves, snow flakes. There is a sense of gentle humour here but I believe that seeing this strange and delicate beauty holds a certain respect for the animal and putting food on our table."

    Cromwell Exhibition for Janyne September 29, 2015 08:19

    I am opening a solo exhibition of my photography at the Golden Gate Lodge, Cromwell.  The exhibition will be running from 1 October to 30 October 2015.  Twenty seven framed, fine art prints will be hung in the Pisa Cafe and all of the work will be for sale.

    Fresh from winning gold and having my best year to date at the at the Epson/New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography Iris Awards, I will be showing my new winning work along with some of my most popular prints.  These include an eclectic mix of landscape, still life and illustrative work.   

    Creating the images has been a process of showing my own personal vision of Central Otago.  I am enjoying the quirky mix landscape and experimental work that I am making at the moment.  Sharing my work in this way has pushed my creative boundaries and has helped me develop ideas that may challenge people’s perception of photography.  I am really pleased with how my prints are looking for the exhibition and the framing has certainly added the finishing touch.

    The Golden Gate Lodge has long been a supporter of my work with a display of my black and white “Cromwell Through The Lens” images in their reception area.  I have received a massive amount of support to get this exhibition off the ground.  I would especially like to thank the Golden Gate Lodge for the use of their venue, my partner Deane for helping me frame all my work, my parents for helping me hang the exhibition and my kids for putting up with me!  Everyone’s support and encouragement has given me the confidence to develop my creativity.

    All of the works hung at the exhibition can also be viewed as framed and unframed fine art prints in this online gallery, 

    On competitions... September 8, 2015 08:59

    Ben Ohau - Gold Distinction Award, NZIPP Iris Awards 2014

    The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography held their NZIPP Iris Awards last month in Queenstown.  This was an amazing and inspiring event for me to be involved in. There were approximately 1,200 prints submitted.

    In these most recent awards, I was extremely fortunate and managed to achieve one gold, one silver distinction, three silver and four bronze awards. It hasn’t always been that way. I have entered these awards and received one or two awards in my early years. At times I nearly gave up, but it has been a learning process. I carefully looked at what was winning, not to imitate, but to better understand our craft and good storytelling. The Iris awards give me an opportunity to look at what I have done in the past year.  A chance to be introspective and analyze my work to help me make good decisions about creating better images and better stories.  The Iris Awards have pushed me to create my best work and take creative risks that I may not have otherwise taken. 
    Thank you to the NZIPP Honours board, the sponsors and the other volunteers who help to make it happen.

    Proof of Gratitude August 17, 2015 10:09

    "Proof of Gratitude" is my gold award winning print from the 2015 Epson/NZIPP Iris awards.  For a few years I have been wanting to assemble an image about my thoughts on the Centenary of World War I, particularly the sacrifices from rural parts of New Zealand.  Every element that I have included in this image has meaning for me.  

    The memorial arch I have used as a "frame" is from the Hills Creek Cemetery in Oturehua, Central Otago.  I thought long and hard about including the names on the archway but without the names it just didn't look right and my partner (and creative consultant!) agreed and suggested that it lacked meaning without them.  The idea of using the arch to frame a significant landscape and then adding a further border (barbed wire) came from looking at old postage stamps.

    The landscape is Mount Kyeburn which has special significance to many people living in the Maniototo. Some of the area surrounding the mountain, after World War I, was part of the soldiers settlement.  The 'Soldiers Syndicate' was formed by cutting off just over 8000ha from Kyeburn Station.  The idea for the title came from a PHD thesis about soldier land settlement in New Zealand after World War I authored by Ashley Gould.

    The barbed wire border represents farming and the soldiers from rural areas but could be seen as more of an image from the battle field itself, some judges at the Iris awards chose to view it this way.  Additional elements I have included are seven crosses, one for each soldier that was killed in action.  The Cananda Geese which are long time residents of the Maniototo are known for working together on their long distance migratory flights and have also included some background texture made out of Central Otago grasses and tussocks around the edge of the frame. 

    Award Winning Landscape 2015 August 17, 2015 09:39

    Consistency was the key for my award winning portfolio of landscape images this year.  Whilst these images are all quite different in style, they all were gained silver awards making them one of the higher scoring portfolios in the competition.  At the moment I am really enjoying the circular crop of "Lauder Faces", I think copping of photos is really important and in this case hi lights of size of this amazing valley.  Both the Sunrise and and monochrome image of the Hawkdun Mountains are printed on a metallic paper - this makes the images really "pop"!

    Award Winning Illustrative Images 2015 August 17, 2015 09:30

    The Illustrative Category at the NZIPP Iris Awards is all about story telling.  So not only does an image need to be very technically strong and creative but it needs to tell a story.  My 2015 portfolio in the Illustrative category did well with two bronzes and a coveted gold award.  My very popular road signs print is now an award winner.  I am looking forward to telling the full story of my bronze award winning phone box, look out for more news on this later in the year.  I am soon going to write a separate blog post about the gold award winning print that was my tribute to the World War I soldiers from rural NZ.

    Award Winning Creative Images 2015 August 17, 2015 07:21

    This is my award winning portfolio of images in the Creative Category at the Epson/New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography Iris Awards.  The Creative Category is all about trying new things and creating art.  I collected a Silver Distinction (Goat Horns) and two strong Bronze awards (Antlers and Pig Jaws).  I wanted to explore the idea of making beautiful shapes out of not so beautiful things.  I think the three images sit well together as a collection and I am considering putting them together as a triptych, watch this space......