Winter is my favourite time to create new and exciting photography so the gallery is now open by appointment. If you would like to visit the gallery, click here to get in touch.

Made In Central Otago

Made In Central Otago

I am extremely proud of the fact that we make all of my framed and unframed photographs no matter how large or small right here in Ranfurly, Central Otago

The process of taking the photographs (very important), editing, printing and framing is completely controlled by me.  By the time I am finished I feel like I can stand by every photograph that I produce and sell and be proud.  Importantly this process of choosing and  “playing” with different media, mounts and framing is an integral part of my creative process.

I love printing!  I am lucky enough to have a professional grade wide format Canon Printer using archival quality light fast pigment inks and I have a lot of fun choosing professional papers which come in a huge variety of finishes.

Our frames and mounts are all hand made in our Ranfurly workshop and gallery. Choosing simple, elegant frames and the right size and shape of mat board is the finishing touch and can add a lot to the visual impact of an image.  

Being in control of how I finish and present my work is a huge bonus.  I am very grateful to my partner Deane for all the help he has given me making my frames and setting up the gallery.


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