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Being An Ilford Master

Being An Ilford Master


Many of my clients, colleagues and friends will know that I am passionate about printing my own work.  For me an image becomes truely real when I print it and especially when it is framed and ready to hang.  Much of the credit for this passion for printing comes from really pushing my boundaries at the print based NZIPP Iris Awards.  Adding to this is the influence of my mentors over the years and a little geographical isolation that makes it somewhat preferable to print my own work.

Another important factor has been finding the right combination of hardware and materials to work with.  I love my Canon 24" Professional Inkjet Printer and I love using Ilford Papers to print on.  They render my images in crisp detail but give added weight and mood to my own creative expression of the dramatic mountains and sunbaked plains here in Central Otago.  The process of “playing” and perfecting my final images (there are so many trial runs!) is really important to me.

I have been using Ilford media for years and I enjoy the quality materials, reliable results, wide range and how they just "fit" with my chosen printer.  A while back CR Kennedy (the NZ distributor for Ilford) got in touch to see if I would be interested in being part of the Ilford Masters program  I gave a definite "yes" as I am happy to endorse products I really believe are the best quality for my work. I am in illustrious company with some of the worlds top photographers who are sharing their passion for the art of photography with a love of printing on Ilford products.

The Ilford Masters initiative aims to inspire all photographers to realise their creative vision from capture to print and to strengthen the relationship between the two processes.  I certainly agree with this sentiment!  

Side note here - Ilford and CRK have been proud sponsors of the NZIPP Iris awards for some time and many kiwi photographers are very grateful for their support.  Check out the links below to learn more.

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