The truth of the matter... July 1, 2015 13:01

The truth of the matter is that sometimes accidents happen.  In this case, the plan was for a beautiful snow capped mountain sunrise.  What actually happened was that the shutter tripping in my camera was just enough to tip it off the tripod (muggins here hadn't attached it properly) and the slow shutter speed caught this image as it fell.  Lady luck then smiled on me - I managed to catch the camera before it hit the ground and got this unusual but interesting shot.

Touching base with my creativity June 23, 2015 08:11

I have been thinking.  I really want to tell a little more of the story of my art photography.  Hopefully some people may be interested but this is mainly to help me on my creative journey.  I have much to learn and sharing my images, experiences and thoughts on a blog may help. 

I am a bit inexperienced with blogging and an average writer so typos and spelling mistake will undoubtedly creep in.  I do have a Facebook profile but not everyone does Facebook and I want to write more than the average FB post.  Also this is more about my art than other parts of my business.

I really want to hear from people about what they would like to see, their thoughts about my work, the creative process and photography.  I love talking with people about this stuff at my exhibitions and market days.  So often these people say they know nothing of art but they have some really cool insights and definitely know what they like.  I hope, in some way, that I am helping to start them on a pathway of appreciating  and enjoying all sorts of visual art.  I would especially like to hear from these sorts of people.

Anyway, let's get started.........

A rural New Zealand Stonehenge? June 23, 2015 07:30

These are the remains of old yards at a farm in the Maniototo.  The rocks are effectively "fence posts" and in days gone by would have had wires strung between them.  They were a little tricky to photograph on the day I was there but I am enjoying the shadows they are casting and the unusual setting.

Circles March 11, 2015 10:01

I have been getting a little creative with circles lately - check out my two new framed prints Idaburn Hills and Idaburn Hills Triptych.


More photos of the photos...... March 10, 2015 20:45

Good news for shoppers looking for a little more information about our framed photographs.  We are gradually adding images of the framed photos and the mouldings we are using to the our store.  This is a work in progress but we hope it will help with those all important decisions.


Exhibition Opening Tomorrow February 5, 2015 17:37

Exciting news - tomorrow I am opening my first exhibition in the Maniototo.  My show is part of "Art on the Rail Trail" which showcases the art of a number of talented Central Otago artists all along the Rail Trail. Cafes, hotels,studios and galleries between Clyde and Middlemarch each feature mini solo art exhibitions as part of this eight week long group event. Art on the Rail Trail opens on Friday 6th of February, Waitangi weekend 2015 and will end after Easter in April 2015.  For more information on the artists featured on the Rail Trail check out our websites

My mini exhibition will be on show in the restaurant at the Ranfurly Hotel.  I will have 22 pictures on show and all are available for sale.


New Framed Photography Goes Live February 5, 2015 16:30

We are adding new framed photography to our site so keep an eye out for great ideas to decorate your home or give as special gifts.  Right now I am enjoying my " Trees at Wedderburn" which is finished in a textured white frame.  This is a beautiful contemporary look with a more relaxed vibe.... 

A Good Sign For The New Year December 24, 2014 09:01

We have recently added a new picture to our very popular collection of yellow finger board road signs. Locals and people who have lived in the Maniototo will enjoy our new image which features well known road names and locations in the Ida Valley.  Have you been to any of these places?

Go for launch! December 5, 2014 12:01

Exciting times ahead - we are marking the 5th of December as the official launch date for our new store!  I have added a bunch of new products including framed pictures and greeting cards.  Watch this space though as we have a whole heap of exciting new work  on the way for you to have a look at.

Antlers on Sale November 27, 2014 11:21

Yes - my deer antlers are now being printed in a larger size.  After a bit of experimenting, I have decided that a combination of a larger print and beautiful ilford fine art paper is awesome.  I am looking forward to seeing what people think!

Welcome November 10, 2014 17:03

Welcome to our new online store! Deane and I are busy making plans for framed photographs of our beautiful rein (Central Otago) that we think people will enjoy.  Deane is keen on the hunting and fishing and I take the photos, often putting my artistic slightly whacky spin on things.  Thanks for visiting and we are looking forward to showing you more lovely things!