Leaf Peeping April 15, 2021 08:08

This is my version of Leaf peeping.  We are in that time of year where people get excited about viewing and photographing autumn foliage so I thought I would share a little detail from Spherical Landscapes I (Warm).

I have been on a mission to present the very recognisable Central Otago Landscape in different ways.  In this work I have created a series of spheres wrapping the landscape around a 360 degree axis.  In this case willows in the last throes of autumn splendour.  The result was  a unique set of marble like, tiny planets that look out from the frame. 

In the complete version of Spherical Landscapes I (Warm) I enjoyed using a tightly controlled colour palette to coordinate with the sister print “Spherical Landscapes 2 (Cool).

My hope is that these alien “eyes” constructed from our of the Central Otago landscape encourage the viewer spend more time looking considering this land in a different way

I was very fortunate to receive an NZIPP Gold Distinction Award and an Australian APPA Gold Award for the complete series.  This image was also part of my portfolio for the 2019 NZIPP Landscape Photographer of the Year and the 2019 APPA Overseas Photographer of the Year.