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Waxeyes, Kowhai and Crown Lynn

Waxeyes, Kowhai and Crown Lynn

Waxeyes, Kowhai and Crown Lynn is a composite triptych image that encompasses three elements held dear to many New Zealanders.  I dedicate this image to my Nana. Nana had a love for birds and the beautiful soft duck egg blue colour in the background of this image.

Waxeyes are small cheeky birds and abundant over the winter.  It didn’t take much to encourage the birds to perch on my retro Crown Lynn cups.  Just a little beef fat and sugary water.  Once I was tucked around the corner out of sight they noisily got down to the business of eating.  I was then able to get a large number of candid shots to choose from and use in this composite image.

The finishing touches to this piece were the overlay of the Kowhai from my Mum’s garden and the beautiful border which was borrowed from Nana’s wedding photo.

This image won a gold award in the prestigious National Iris Photography awards run by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography and a silver distinction award at the Australian APPA Awards.

    To buy the framed Waxeyes, Kowhai and Crown Lynn print click here or visit this link for the unframed version.

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