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Fine Art Photographic Print - A Dozen Stories

Childhood Memories - A Dozen Stories


Details from Fine Art Photographic Print - A Dozen Stories
Details from Fine Art Photographic Print - A Dozen Stories
Details from Fine Art Photographic Print - A Dozen Stories


When my daughters were little we were always been avid accumulators of rocks and stones. Not the fancy ones, but the ordinary, everyday variety that you find on the side of the river or lake. I enjoy their smooth shapes and how they feel when they hold the scorching sun’s heat or are shatteringly cold in Central Otago’s winter.  

Overlaying or etching collected elements and textures ranging from autumnal trees to historic fences onto them, adds another layer to their story.  Placement on a gently flowing background allows each stone to shed a glow and show its story. This is a narrative of where they are from, the special day that they were collected and is also a gentle reminder to reflect on our history as a family.

We still collect a few stones and as we look at our collections, I enjoy the memories that come flooding back from those special times.

This image was a finalist at the Christchurch Art Show Awards 2017, a silver distinction award winner at the 2017 NZ Institute of Professional Photography Iris Awards and a Silver Distinction Award winner at the 2018 Australian AIPP APPA Awards.

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