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From German Creek

From German Creek

German Creek is an area where I have taken many photographs.  The  landscape is not spectacularly mountainous but there are many types of land formations and the quality of the light is pretty special.

My image takes a view of the hills “From German Creek” in the early morning.  I had the pleasure of sitting in the tussocks waiting for the light to fall perfectly on the my chosen landscape.  A longer double exposure and camera movement while the shutter was open were used to create the interesting “water colour painting” effects.  

The contrasting gray and gold tones were picked out of the original image and post production was used to slightly more define the edges of the landscape.

"From German Creek" is an image that I particularly enjoy.  The finishing touches all add to the image -  the printing on a beautiful cotton rag paper, an off white mat board that leaves space for the border around the photo and a burnished brown timber frame.

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