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I AM ALIVE - A personal journey

I AM ALIVE - A personal journey


2020 was a fairly challenging year.  Covid 19 had us in lock down and I had a really unexpected health challenge.  It was a bit of a biggie and is now resolved thanks to an intense programme of chemotherapy.  

In the very early stages of recovery, I wanted to acknowledge that I was miraculously alive!  I now also understand that every person's journey with the cancer is absolutely unique.  I  wanted to create a piece about my journey shown in selected type face and signage from around the historic town of Naseby in an 11 x 11 grid.  

This piece celebrates a second chance given to me to exercise my creativity and hopefully leave a legacy through my work.

"I AM ALIVE" is limited to 20 archival photographic prints and is framed in a white frame measuring 780mm x 780mm.



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