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In Camera Experience

In Camera Experience

Many people who know something of my photography have probably figured that I am not shy about editing my photos.  I really enjoy the opportunity to tell other side of my story or really draw attention to an aspect of an image.  

This image is a little different.  I really enjoyed experimenting with long shutter speeds and introducing camera movement (see my post about my blurred mountain sunrise).  This time I introduced a vehicle and a few bumps in the road into the equation.  Panic not, my very understanding man was at the wheel while  I took frame after frame of slightly ethereal looking images of the Danseys Pass at speed.  The light was perfect, casting a greenish glow over the landscape.  Some images included more of the foreground where the ute headlights lit up vegetation on the side of the road.  Some were sky, some were mountain, some were better than others.

This one was the pick and I enjoyed showing the landscape from a different point of view.  This is me, I enjoy this stuff.  Yes I did indulge in a little post production editing but this picture would never have happened with out a beautiful landscape, a ute and a couple of bumps in the road.  

This image was received a silver award at the 2016 NZIPP Iris Awards.  The finishing touch is a good wide mat board and a crisp white bevel edge frame and it is available to purchase.

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